St. Ann, Jamaica WI


Discovery Bauxite exports more than 5 million dry metric tons of bauxite from Jamaica per year. Jamaica is one of the top six countries for bauxite reserves and has been mining bauxite for more than 50 years. We mine high-quality bauxite for the global alumina market and for the cement industry.

Bauxite, a sedimentary rock with a high aluminum content, is the world's leading aluminum source. Most of the aluminum that is produced is extracted from bauxite. Refineries use the Bayer Process to produce aluminum from bauxite. The Bayer Process starts off with the bauxite being washed in a hot solution of sodium hydroxide, which removes the aluminum from the rock. Once this happens, the aluminum is removed from the solution in the form of aluminum hydroxide. This is then calcined to form alumina, which is later used in refining companies for various products. It can be used in cement, chemicals, cosmetics, soda cans, appliances, and many other aluminum products.

At Discovery Bauxite, we mine and ship high-quality bauxite with low-cost processing characteristics. Our bauxite has a silica content of less than 2% and a small particle size. This means the process for crushing and grinding is not as intensive. The small particle size and low silica content make our Bauxite one of the highest in value worldwide. Refineries that purchase out bauxite can extract high-quality aluminum from Jamaica's bauxite.

Our bauxite is also highly sought after in the cement industry due to the high alumina content and the low freight costs. If your company is looking for quality bauxite and low costs, then Discovery Bauxite is the place to call.