St. Ann, Jamaica WI

Environmental Sustainability

We are committed to sustaining the natural resources that Jamaica has to offer and have well-established practices to minimize the impact on the environment from our mining activities. Some of our sustainable mining practices include:

  • Land Reclamation - Topsoil and endemic and other species are removed and stored under controlled conditions until mining is completed. These are then returned and replanted in our mining locations and carefully tended to facilitate their growth and regeneration.
  • Dust Monitoring - Air samplers are placed throughout our mining areas to collect particulates over a constant sampling period. The samples are analyzed to determine the total suspended particulates of ambient air quality. We maintain compliance with both daily and annual standards of the National Resource Conservation Authority and National Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Forestry, Agriculture & Greenhouse initiatives - Our reclamation activities include extensive use of these applications in partnership with local farmers and communities.
  • Water Reservoirs - We build water reservoirs throughout the mining areas to harvest water for mining operations, agriculture, forestry, and greenhouse developments, as well as the needs of local communities.
  • Recycling - We have various recycling partnerships across the island including initiatives for plastic, tires, batteries, and waste/used oil.