St. Ann, Jamaica WI


Discovery Bauxite

Discovery Bauxite is the exclusive exporter of bauxite from Jamaica, with the capacity to mine and ship more than 5 million dry metric tons of Jamaican bauxite per year. Jamaica is among the top six countries of the world in terms of bauxite reserves and has been mining bauxite continuously for more than 50 years. Discovery Bauxite, located on the north coast of Jamaica in Discovery Bay, in the parish of St Ann, mines high quality, high temperature bauxite well suited for the global alumina market as well as for the cement industry.

For the alumina market, Discovery Bauxite provides available alumina greater than 46%, with very slow silica of less than 2%, making Discovery Bauxite one of the highest value in use bauxites in the world. Additionally, the bauxite is of a small particle size, and therefore does not require the costly, capital intensive process of crushing and grinding.

For the cement industry, Discovery Bauxite provides high alumina content, and low freight due to its close proximity to the US Gulf coast including the Mississippi River, southeastern US, and the Caribbean and northern South America markets.

Discovery Bauxite operates its own dock and has the flexibility to load vessels from 7,000 to 65,000 metric tons.

After pits have been certified as “mined out” they are restored to their useful state. The reclamation process involves backfilling and topsoiling. The reclaimed land is then utilized for agricultural and recreational purposes.