Commitment to Workplace Safety

Workplace Safety Atlantic Alumina

We take the personal safety of all our employees, partners and visitors as a top priority in our organization. Our Safety Vision for the company is to create an environment of excellence that results in zero injuries, creates a workplace free of hazards, and is compliant with internal and external best practices and all applicable laws, regulations and policies.

To support the achievement of that Vision, we have adopted the Safe Seven, Safe Work Principles to serve as a compass to guide our employees, partners and visitors while at our operating sites.

The Safe Seven focuses on the 7 most critical areas of risk for serious injury that are present within each of our locations. When we successfully drive home these principles though education, training and repetitive communication, our potential for safety excellence will be greatly enhanced, and more importantly, our extended company family will be safer!

Environmental Sustainability

Concord Resources sustainability

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact through improved processes, employee education and investment. Our business processes start in Jamaica where we are proud to be a sustainable miner focused on minimizing our mining footprint and implementing world class reclamation programs and investments including agricultural, forestry, water catchment/management and greenhouse developments in partnership with local farmers, schools and communities.

In Gramercy, we have invested heavily in state of the art filter press technology which substantially reduces our environmental footprint and positions us for next generation initiatives and the development of beneficial use applications.

Code of Business Conduct

Concord Resources and all our subsidiaries and affiliates take seriously the manner in which we conduct business and maintain a high level of expectations for company leaders, employees and third party partners.

The Global Code of Business Conduct applies to all our locations and is built on our values and highlights those principles and policies that guide our business. For more information on the "Code", please launch the attached file.