Noranda Bauxite Plants 2,020 Trees on National Tree Planting Day

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Noranda Jamaica Bauxite Partners II marked Jamaica’s National Tree Planting Day 2020 on Friday by planting 2,020 trees across sections of its mining operation area in St Ann.

The effort is part of Noranda’s drive to plant 200,000 trees over a three-year period as part of the company’s continuing land-rehabilitation programme. Tree planting is an integral, continuing part of these activities.

The day was celebrated under the theme ‘Healthy trees, healthy you, plant a tree today,’ and saw Noranda’s effort begin with the planting of 1,520 trees on select lots across the company’s mining lease areas, including Trysee and Water Valley, by approximately 50 Noranda Bauxite management and trade union employees.

They were joined by representatives of the Forestry Department, the Jamaica Agricultural Society, the Rural Agricultural Development Authority, and the Noranda Community Councils.

The remaining 500 trees are being distributed to the 500 Noranda employees for planting, whether at their homes or in their respective communities.

“Our commitment to tree planting is just one of our continuing land-reclamation initiatives, and an important contributor to ecology and economic sustainability in Jamaica,” stated Delroy Dell, Noranda Bauxite vice-president, and general manager.

The trees, including Caribbean pine, other timber trees, and a variety of local fruit trees, were acquired through a partnership with the Forestry Department and are suitable to the mining areas.