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Noranda Alumina Records Best Production Figures in 3 Years

Noranda Alumina

Gramercy, LA – January 11, 2021 – Noranda Alumina, a subsidiary of New Day Aluminum Holdings, announced six-month alumina production figures which represent its strongest rate in over three years. Despite numerous challenges which included COVID-19, depressed market conditions, and a historically active hurricane season, the Gramercy refinery safely produced approximately 590,000 metric tons of alumina in 2H 2020, equating to an annualized run-rate of 1.18 million metric tons of alumina. In addition to its productivity improvements, Noranda Alumina has gone over six months without a recordable injury and 2020 marked the second safest year in 35 years on a Total Recordable Incident Rate (“TRIR”) basis.

“The improved results in such a challenging environment are a testament to the strategy executed and investment made by the New Day ownership team, as well as the improved safety environment, process controls, and productivity initiatives implemented by Joe Pampinto and the extended team in Gramercy,” cited John Habisreitinger, Chief Operating Officer for New Day. Since the Louisiana facility was acquired in October of 2016, over $130 million has been invested in strategic initiatives including hardening the powerhouse and operating assets, expanding product mix capabilities, and reducing the refinery’s environmental footprint.

“Our focus on long-term sustainability through investment in conjunction with refined processes and systems is paying dividends as we have seen a marked improvement in safety, process control and reliability across the refinery,” said Mr. Pampinto, Vice President and General Manager of Noranda Alumina.

About New Day: New Day’s holdings include Noranda Alumina, located in Gramercy, Louisiana, which produces smelter grade alumina for the production of aluminum and chemical grade aluminas for non-metallurgical applications, as well as Noranda Bauxite, located in St. Ann, Jamaica, which mines and ships bauxite globally for metallurgical and non-metallurgical applications. New Day also owns and operates NICHE Chemical, which supplies chemical grade aluminas to the North American market, along with specialty mineral businesses NICHE Fused Alumina in La Bâthie, France and NICHE Fused Magnesia in Hull, England. The latest addition to New Day is ReNew Recycling, which owns and operates ferrous and non-ferrous scrap processing facilities in North Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, and Alabama. New Day is principally owned by the partners of DADA Holdings. DADA is an investment and management company based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that makes control investments and manages companies in basic industries, such as metals and mining.

Contact: Communications@NewDayAl.com