Noranda Announces New Capital Projects for Its Gramercy Facility

Noranda Announces New Capital Projects for Its Gramercy Facility - Noranda Announces New Capital Projects for Its Gramercy Facility


May 19, 2017

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Gary Perilloux


Company headquarters will move to Gramercy facility; project will create 65 new direct jobs

GRAMERCY, La. — Today, Gov. John Bel Edwards and Noranda Bauxite & Alumina CEO David D’Addario announced the
company will invest $35 million to expand and upgrade its alumina refinery in St. James Parish. The company also plans to
establish its company headquarters at the Gramercy complex.

The project will create 65 new direct jobs, including 15 corporate headquarters jobs, at an average annual salary of
$90,000, plus benefits. Louisiana Economic Development estimates the project will result in 185 new indirect jobs, for a
total of 250 new jobs for St. James Parish, the Southeast Region, and surrounding areas. In addition, the project will retain
395 existing jobs at the refinery. The plant, built by Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corp., has operated in St. James Parish
since 1958. It is located on the east bank of the Mississippi River, less than a mile downriver from the Veterans Memorial

“This is a great opportunity to create new good-paying jobs and to secure hundreds of existing jobs at an industrial
mainstay in our River Parishes,” Gov. Edwards said. “Noranda’s new ownership team is committed to the success of its
business, and we are pleased to provide strategic assistance to their efforts to modernize and expand their operation in

The project will include the design and installation of equipment to increase the production, storage and shipping
capabilities of chemical-grade alumina. Known as CGA, the product is used in many industrial applications, including water
treatment, flame retardants, catalysts for oil, gas and petrochemical refining, building materials and insulation.
“These capital improvements represent the largest capital expenditure at Gramercy in more than a decade,” D’Addario said.
“The projects will not only expand the production capacity for our valued CGA customers and create new jobs for our
community, they will help ensure the continuation of this business and its 400-plus jobs by enabling us to operate more
efficiently and effectively and with even greater environmental responsibility. We are grateful to Louisiana Economic
Development and Gov. Edwards for the confidence they have shown in the success of our business as demonstrated by
LED’s significant financial support.”

LED began working with Noranda in May 2015 on business retention efforts at the alumina manufacturing site. To secure
the project, LED offered the company an incentive package that includes the comprehensive solutions of LED
FastStart®, the top-ranked state workforce training program in the nation. LED also offered Noranda a performance-based,
forgivable loan of $1 million under the state’s Economic Development Award Program for facility construction and
equipment, and a Modernization Tax Credit of $200,000 a year for five years on capital investment for facility upgrades and
equipment. The company is expected to utilize the state’s Quality Jobs and Industrial Tax Exemption programs.
“The Port of South Louisiana is excited about Noranda’s $35 million investment in St. James Parish within our port district,
together with the retention of existing jobs and the new jobs the expansion will create for the River Region community,” said
Executive Director Paul Aucoin of the Port of South Louisiana. “We look forward to working with Noranda throughout the

Noranda is a subsidiary of New Day Aluminum, which acquired the refinery from its previous owner in bankruptcy
proceedings in Missouri in 2016. New Day Aluminum is affiliated with DADA Holdings, an investment and management
company based in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

“To hear an announcement of a $35 million investment is good news to begin with, but to learn that this company wants to
locate its corporate offices in St. James Parish brings it to another level,” said St. James Parish President Timothy “Timmy”
Roussel. “We commend Noranda and their new ownership. In speaking with Noranda representatives, it is the belief that
we can make a difference – for the better – in people’s lives, and my administration will continue to take advantage of every
opportunity. I am happy for Noranda and for St. James Parish as well. This is a statement on their part that they want to
continue to be a large part of our community, because St. James Parish is a great place to live, work, play and grow.”
“GNO Inc. is proud to support Noranda’s expansion in St. James Parish, which will create 65 jobs and result in a $35 million
capital expenditure,” said President and CEO Michael Hecht of Greater New Orleans Inc. “This announcement confirms
that the River Region is a great location both for operations and headquarters. We look forward to working with Noranda as
they grow in greater New Orleans.”

About Noranda Bauxite & Alumina
New Day’s holdings include Noranda Alumina, located in Gramercy, Louisiana, which produces smelter grade alumina for the production of aluminum and chemical grade alumina for non-metallurgical applications, as well as Noranda Bauxite, located in St. Ann, Jamaica, which mines and ships bauxite for metallurgical and non-metallurgical applications globally. New Day also owns and operates NICHE Chemical, which supplies chemical grade alumina in North America, along with specialty minerals businesses Niche Fused Alumina in La Bâthie, France and Niche Fused Magnesia in Hull, England. New Day is principally owned by the partners of DADA Holdings. DADA is an investment and management company based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that makes control investments and manages companies in basic industries, such as metals and mining.