New Day Alumina Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

We are proud to be good stewards of the environment and constantly seek new and innovative ways to improve the world we live in and share. Reducing our environmental impact has always been a core goal and one that we seek to evolve well into the future. We aim to better the climate and reduce waste by improving the processes we perform each day from top to bottom.

This starts by seeing the employee-employer relationship as an investment, one that is supported via continuing education. We have regular discussions with our staff and management on ways to improve our environmental footprint, and we listen to feedback and support from a diverse array of lived experiences.

We begin our improvements in Jamaica, where we’re excited to be the most sustainability-minded, footprint-aware mining operations in the country. We’ve implemented first-class reclamation investments in programs that include water catchment, agricultural improvement, forestry services, water treatment management, and greenhouse developments in tandem with local communities.

Listening carefully to feedback from local farmers and community leaders, we’ve placed our attention on locating the finest filters on the market, and we have planted hundreds of trees to reduce our impact overall!

After getting the green light, our crews implemented the filtration system across our facilities and areas of operation in Gramercy. Our environmental footprint was significantly lessened; it showed that we are innovators in mining services and leading the way in showing what can be done to sustain our progress in a healthy, environmentally friendly way.

Our next-gen initiatives also take us to beautiful Europe. There, we have developed a wide range of programs that revolve around eliminating waste via reusing and recycling whenever and wherever possible.

New Day Aluminum appreciates that what we pull out of the earth is not only crucial to our ever-changing industries but also to Mother Nature. We seek to give back more than we borrow and strive to conduct ourselves as the leaders of responsible mining operations now and into the future!