Commitment to Workplace Safety

New Day Alumina Workplace Safety

At New Day Aluminum, we understand that safety is paramount so that we can all go home in one piece and unscathed.

Now more than ever, it is important to remind ourselves across the board of the significance of following proper protocols and procedures.

Seven different ways we can protect ourselves include:

  • Always make sure that you’re wearing the correct PPE (Primary Protective Equipment) for the tasks at hand.
  • Embrace the LOTO: follow all lock, isolation, tag, and try protocols.
  • Always use proper height protections to save yourself from a dangerous fall.
  • Permits: adhere to all confined space and relevant permit procedures.
  • Material Handling: be aware of all safe handling steps for the material you’re moving around.
  • Make sure that only authorized persons are using mobile equipment and that pedestrians are aware of their active use.
  • NEVER bypass the safety guarding for machines and dangerous operation areas.

New Day Aluminum wishes good health for all of our employees, visitors, and partners. Therefore, we have created this safety vision that going forward will be our standards for zero tolerance for lackluster safety behaviors. We will communicate the above values through redundant contact, training, and education.

In order to make our shared workplace free of as many dangers as possible, we must strive to keep compliant with internal regulations and external best protocols relating to all relative laws, policies, and government regulations.

The above list must be studied by those who have a mind for personal safety; these are the areas where the most serious injuries can occur at their highest probabilities. When we achieve adherence to the above values, our capabilities for situational awareness relating to the safety of our employees and more is greatly increased and, at the end of the day, we all want to get home well and intact!