Code of Business Conduct

New Day Alumina Code of Business Conduct

New Day takes its business seriously, and our attitude of professionalism is something that we encourage in all of our affiliates and subsidiaries. The standard that our organization has conducted operations for decades has been one of excellence in all things based on the high bar of expectations that we set for ourselves and our associates.

We strive to ensure that the entire staff chain, from company leaders down to day-one employees, understands New Day’s values and ethos. Our company wants its workers of all levels to lead safe, healthy lives to work synergistically with the New Day to see that only the best job is done each and every day.

New Day Aluminum provides regular training for all levels of employees with targeted goals. When we hit them, we only set the bar higher, and when we’re a little off, we course-correct utilizing the most efficient tools and methods available. Our Global Code of Business is applicable to every single location we operate.

New Day seeks to provide a safe, inclusive working environment where everyone can strive to be their best selves. Therefore, discrimination based on sex, gender, race, religion, appearance, etc., will not be tolerated. Any violation of our code of business is addressed with an ethics supervisor. For those seeking more anonymity, there is a 24/7 ethics hotline available.

We encourage speaking up in good faith on a factual basis, and we tolerate no retaliation of any kind from any level of employment. New Day Aluminum offers equal employment opportunities (EEO) to all qualified personnel, including promotions and company advancement. We follow all wage and hour laws as well as safety guidelines so that our staff has the confidence to give their best to the business every day.

Since the company is a US-based enterprise, all businesses and subsidiaries are bound to follow the laws and regulations of the United States. Criminal violations will be addressed accordingly.

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