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What is Wet Alumina Trihydrate?

Wet Alumina Trihydrate

Wet Alumina Trihydrate (WH-30) is a high purity alumina trihydrate produced by the Bayer process. It has the consistency of damp beach sand. The chemical and physical properties are the same as H-30 (Dry Hydrate) except that moisture is typically 4-9% with a 10% max.

Wet Alumina Trihydrate is a form of chemical grade alumina. Chemical grade alumina (CGA) is created from high-quality alumina that is made from high-quality bauxite found in Jamaica. CGA is used in flame retardants, paints, adhesives, and detergents. Wet alumina trihydrate is used specifically as a catalyst for oil and gasoline, cosmetics, deodorants, antacids, water treatment chemicals, and more.

Wet Alumina Trihydrate is utilized in the production of alumina products such as inorganic salts. Some examples of such salts are cryolite, aluminum sulfate, and aluminum fluoride, which are used in industries such as waterproof fabrics, flame retardants, glassware, inks, paper fillers, and more. Wet Alumina Trihydrate can absorb a great deal of liquid, making its use as a raw material in various industrial chemical applications universal across many types of manufacturing.

WH-30 can be produced at a considerable scale. There are few compounds that have such a comparatively high purity while being so easily soluble in alkali and acid alike. When preparing aluminum salts, aluminum trihydrate is critical raw material. When it comes to toxicity, aluminum trihydrate is less bioavailable than other types of aluminum, making it less dangerous when compared to other compounds.

We are able to formulate aluminum trihydrate in a variety of coated and uncoated grades with particle sizes varying as requested according to application. Our WH-30 is odorless, flame retardant, halogen-free, and low toxicity. It produces no smoke and is an ideal smoke suppressant filler in plastics.