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What is Wet Alumina Trihydrate?

Wet Alumina Trihydrate

Wet Alumina Trihydrate (WH-30) is a high purity alumina trihydrate produced by the Bayer process. It has the consistency of damp beach sand. The chemical and physical properties are the same as H-30 (Dry Hydrate) except that moisture is typically 4-9% with a 10% max.

Wet Alumina Trihydrate is a form of chemical grade alumina. Chemical grade alumina (CGA) is created from high-quality alumina that is made from high-quality bauxite found in Jamaica. CGA is used in flame retardants, paints, adhesives, and detergents. Wet alumina trihydrate is used specifically as a catalyst for oil and gasoline, cosmetics, deodorants, antacids, water treatment chemicals, and more.