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What is Chemical Grade Alumina?

Chemical Grade Alumina

Atlantic Alumina, Gramercy Operations plant in Gramercy, Louisiana, opened in 1957, and it is the sole remaining USA based alumina plant. We used a continuous loop process of mixing, digestion, clarification, precipitation, and calcination to create more than 1 million metric tons of wet cake, dry hydrate, and smelter grade at our Gramercy site alumina per year.

Our employees are part of a hard-working team who makes a significant impact on the world. Our productions are used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, coatings, and pigments industries worldwide.

At Atlantic Alumina, Gramercy Operations we import the finest bauxite from the mining operation in Jamaica. Once the bauxite is refined through a chemical process, it becomes alumina. Due to the high-quality bauxite found in Jamaica, Atlantic has some of the industry's highest quality alumina. This high-grade alumina is used to create the chemical grade alumina (CGA). This versatile product is used in detergents, flame retardants, adhesives, paints, and much more.

Chemical grade alumina comes in two forms. The first being a high purity alumina trihydrate called wet cake (WH-30). It is produced by the Bayer process and has the consistency of damp beach sand. This form of chemical grade alumina is used for various industries, such as catalysts for oil and gas, water treatment chemicals, cosmetics, antacids, toothpaste, and deodorants.

The second form of chemical grade alumina is dry hydrate (H-30). This is a high purity alumina trihydrate that is also produced through the Bayer process. Dry Hydrate has the consistency of dry, coarse powder that is formed through Atlantic's crystallization process. Atlantic Alumina's dry hydrate formula is used for detergents, flame retardants, adhesives, and paints.

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