1111 E. Airline Hwy, Gramercy, LA 70052
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Refining for Excellence

Atlantic Alumina, located on the Mississippi River in Gramercy, Louisiana, is the only major alumina refinery operating in the United States. The facility imports bauxite from the company's surface mining operation in Jamaica. Bauxite ore is transported by ship to Gramercy where it is unloaded and refined through a chemical process into Alumina, the common name for aluminum oxide.

We use a sustainable, continuous loop process consisting of digestion…clarification…precipitation…and calcination…to produce more than 1 Million Metric Tons per Year of alumina in the form of wet hydrate cake, dry hydrate and smelter grade alumina which are used for a variety of specialized products and as an intermediate step in the production of aluminum.

At every step of these processes, the Safety of our workforce and the Quality of our products are top priorities. Atlantic Alumina employees are part of a proud team whose work makes an everyday impact on the world.

During 2018/19, the plant capacity was expanded to store and more effectively manage its bauxite residue. This $25 plus million investment significantly reduces our ongoing environmental footprint and provides a vehicle to significantly reduce the volume of existing bauxite residue storage areas, extending the effective life of the facility.

Manufacturers use Gramercy's smelter-grade alumina (SGA) to produce aluminum and its chemical-grade alumina's (CGA) as a critical ingredient in products such as water treatment chemicals; flame retardants; catalysts for oil, gas and other refineries; building materials; and numerous other industrial and consumer products in the chemical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, coatings, cosmetics, ceramics and pigments industries on a global scale.

Atlantic Alumina Gramercy Operations
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